Little Ladybirds

0-2 years

Our baby room is a bright, warm and secure environment for your little ones to spend their day! We work closely with you to ensure that both your, and your baby’s, unique and rapidly changing needs are continuously being met. Babies in our care are encouraged at all times to progress in their development. We ensure a variety of sensory, curiosity, physical and musical experiences to enable your child’s development. The children in our baby room will access the garden every day – outdoor clothes permitting!

In order for us to provide an effective learning envrionment for the babies, we ensure the four key features of the “Pre-Birth to Three” national guildelines are put into practise:

  • Rights of the Child
  • Relationships
  • Responsive Care
  • Respect
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Busy Bees

2-3 years

Within our toddler room, your little ones are introduced to a range of activities with sand, water, paint, malleable materials, stories, music and movement.

The playrooms are designed to provide these learning experiences within an atmosphere of warmth and security. Personal communication between experienced, caring staff members, children and parents, creates our happy nursery environment.

We follow the “Pre-Birth to Three” national strategy for our Busy Bees room. Whilst we plan, we work our day’s activities around a flexible environment, we give our children time and attention, and we encourage their feelings and ideas at all times. We will encourage your child to become:

  • A confident individual
  • A successful learner
  • A responsible citizen
  • An effective contributor
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Super Stars


We aim to ensure that the time your child spends with us is not only enjoyable, but also educational. Each area of our pre-school room is carefully designed to support:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Health & Wellbeing

Our planning system, in line with the Scottish government’s Curriculum for Excellence, allows chldren to plan their own learning goals. The design of the day ensures that sraff have the time to support children as they evaluate their learning experiences and plan for their next step.

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Further Information

For more detailed information about the “Pre-Birth to Three” and “Curriculum for Excellence” for pre-school children, please click on the links below to download the Education Scotland’s guides.